Police Recruiter Boot Camp

A Vital Recruiter Training Seminar for Police Sheriff’s and Public Safety Supervisors

3 ways we bring training to you:

Host training at your department

Hosting our Police Recruiter Boot Camp is a unique way for an agency to bring high caliber training to your area. It also provides an opportunity to network with officers and civilians from other …

Custom training for your department

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1-on-1 Virtual Police Recruiter Training

Chris Ryan, a dynamic International Police Media Relations, Recruiting and Crisis Communications expert is now taking limited bookings for online consultations for 2020 – 2021….

1-Day Certification Course


 Progressive 1-day Police Recruiter Training • High caliber instruction,
cutting-edge technology, exercises, unconventional ideas, social media & more.





  • What is your recruiting website really saying?
  • Recruiting in a skeptical world
  • Defining your agency & brand
  • Oral boards are killing your mojo!
  • Career or JOB: What are we selling?
  • Actionable ways to boost minority recruiting
  • “Speak to their listening” –
  • Psychology of a great recruiter
  • Reverse engineering your recruiting process
  • Guerilla recruiting & marketing techniques
  • Progressive recruiting: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube & Twitter
  • Recruiting videos that connect & GO VIRAL
  • Recruiting unconventional officer candidates
  • Bootstrap your recruiting program
  • What football scouting can teach recruiters
  • Social Media events for 1-on-1 conversations
  • How much should we prep them?
  • Uncover secret untapped markets
  • Are career/job fairs a waste of time and $$?
  • Secrets for great media coverage & clicks
  • Targeted marketing & messaging

$1900 – Buy-out only (Up to 20 seats available)
*Restrictions apply

Call: 602-445-6442 or e-mail: Info@policerecruiterbootcamp.com

Host Police Recruiter Boot Camp in 2020

Progressive Police Recruiter Training • High caliber instruction, cutting-edge technology, exercises, unconventional ideas, social media & more.

Chris Ryan's Interview

Police Recruiter Boot Camp

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Unconventional – Candid – Progressive Instruction


Instructor CHRIS RYAN

A well-rounded and diverse background in international

business, law enforcement, municipal courts, radio and

television, give Mr. Ryan tremendous insight into his

work and communications with clients and the news

media. He speaks 3 languages and brings a wealth

of knowledge, street smarts and instincts to each

project that he undertakes.

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Police Recruiter Boot Camp - Latest News

Police Officer Recruiting Challenges, Ideas & Innovations


The most respected and admired law enforcement agencies know that finding the right people to lead and work at the agency is the most important key to their success. The position of professional police officer has never been as crucial as it is now. Not only does a police officer need to have a high number of important traits and qualities, but their ideals and vision should mirror that of the organization which they work for.

In the past, police recruitment was straight forward. But the multifaceted problems and challenges today’s police officers will face comes down to smart recruiting efforts from the very start. One of the main difficulties in finding the right people for law enforcement officer positions is that the high-caliber candidates who have been successfully recruited in the past are often found working in other industries. Because of this, there are fewer qualified candidates left for police and law enforcement agencies to recruit. Another challenge in police officer recruiting is the presence of large law enforcement and commercial recruitment agencies. The smaller agencies are not able to compete with them. The effect is fewer chances and opportunities are given to those from the underrepresented populations. Because of that, there is less equality in the opportunities being presented to the citizens.

New Tattoo & Social Media Policy For State Police